Mexico City is famous for the food, corruption and drug cartels. Although I didn't grow up in a gang, my life was very different from the Kiwi upbringing. Stress is something that all Mexicans live with, and as I grew up, it got worse and worse. I remember thinking surely there is a better place to live.

After two years of studying medicine I decided to move to NZ. Why not? For the first time in my life I got to experience a relaxed lifestyle and I was transformed by the beauty and purity of New Zealand. I fell in love with NZ.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Commerce I returned to Mexico where I would work for 10-12 hours plus spend 3-hours per day in traffic, 6 days a week. Violent burglaries were becoming more common and the pollution was getting worse every year. 

One day, right in front of me, I witnessed a carjacking, and I realised there and then, that if I stayed I could end up another sad statistic of the once-beautiful Mexico. 

The opportunity to come back to New Zealand presented itself and I decided I had to get out. So, at age 30 I packed up my bags and moved to NZ, permanently. 

I felt like I had a new beginning and I wanted to do something profound with my new life. Having been to a chiropractor when I was younger and remembering the amazing change to my life and after talking to a chiropractor friend I was motivated to become one. The more I explored chiropractic, the more convinced I was that this is what I had to do. 

It takes 5-years of full time study to become a chiropractor. Over those years at NZ College of Chiropractic in Auckland I learned more and more about the amazing natural healing ability of the human body.