Chiropractic: A Safer, More Affordable Alternative to Medicine

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Those skeptical of chiropractic’s natural healing abilities need to direct their attention to what’s been happening to insurance healthcare companies.

An October 2005 article that examined the amount and types of medial services healthcare insurance companies were commonly providing found something very interesting—people who have health plans that cover chiropractic adjustment use considerably fewer medical services than those patients without chiropractic coverage. The study examined 4 years of claims from a managed care plan.

The article concluded that people choosing chiropractic adjustment to treat back and neck pain required up to 49.4 percent less surgeries, 37.2 percent less MRIs and CT scans, 36 percent less X-rays and 49.5 percent less inpatient care.

The authors of the report noted that these percentages of people using chiropractic and NOT seeking medical care were considered statistically significant.

The proof is starting to take form on paper; Chiropractic adjustments allow the body to naturally heal itself of discomfort, pain, and sickness. When chiropractic is compared to medical treatment, we find that chiropractic has no side-effects, requires no invasive procedures or surgery, and it much less expensive that medical treatment.

[Source: the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, 10/05 issue.]